Fairlink Systems is a leading distributor of all types of communication and transmission related systems. We provide a design and a system integration service for radio schemes mostly in the microwave bands that include the transmission of video, data and telephony.

The carrying out of site surveys, plotting of computer paths and planning of the installation element can usually be provided on a worldwide basis by our fully trained team of engineers, who will assist in the installation and commissioning of transmission systems in the UK and overseas.

Also available from Fairlink Systems are various short-range infa red laser optical systems with capacities from 64 Kbps upto 2.4Gb's allowing for high capacity computer networking, serial digital broadcast systems and links for transmitting telephony and radar information.

A full range of high specification closed circuit television surveillance systems (CCTV) can be provided together with the appropriate microwave, radio or fibre optic transmission systems.

And if your requirement is for:-
  • Broadband high capacity Infra-red Laser Links
  • Wireless LAN systems & point-to-point links for Computer Networks
  • VSAT Satellite Communication Systems
  • Voice/Data Multiplexers
  • Fibre Optic Equipment for Computer, Telephone or CCTV Systems
  • Microwave Transmission Systems for CCTV Surveillance Networks
  • Telephone and ISDN transmission Systems for CCTV Surveillance
  • Interface Converters
  • Test Equipment:- Data and Telecommunications
  • Test Equipment:- CCTV and Video
Then the information that follows on this web site will be of interest you.